A New Chapter Lyrics

He tries to sleep but it's hard

stands up and then crosses the room

Just to see the moon

so far away


Looking to his instrument 

on the stand made of shitty wood

Made with love and thirst for praise


Playing to the stars 

he never complains… 

but wishes that in the future

He could be the one who makes all of them sing


What is forever?

What is forever?


One of these mornings, 

he wakes up determined to make a move

How could he know the truth 

from so far away?

Remembering the old man

 who used to say his only existent truth

But his words won’t work from this day

He packs some things 

and some are left behind 

just diaries and records

The letters of ones who really believed him


What is forever?

What is forever?


Don't look behind

forget your shadows

It's fine with peace of mind

but with no shelter

Don't fear turning the page and write A New Chapter...


He says good-bye to his loved ones

With fear but using major tones

Unbelievers think he’ll be back soon

Because he keeps saying he’s going to the moon

Then he starts the long walk to the west

Hiking the highest mountains, no time for rest

Sees wild animals and wonderful views

Exploring what his family never knew

He plays beautiful songs to people on the way

They never forget him, for the passion that he plays

- He starved, he froze, he got hurt and broke his leg,

He broke his heart, someone else’s too, but never ever stepped back

It was becoming a legend, it would be unfair

If after all the sacrifices, he was not already there

Many of them believe he walked for so many miles

until the moon kidnapped him, jealous by the glitter of all the smiles

So.. now and forever, the moon's still his home

Where he plays his instrument while all the stars, like a choir, sing along



Nothing is forever… 

but your love your faith in life

Nothing is forever… 

but your dreams, your screams, your fight

Someone’s endeavor…

Don’t fear turning the page and writing a chapter

where only you can free your mind


If there’s no hope and you feel it letting go

Look at the moon and you shall grasp the glow

And when the challenges come in a row

Never back up cuz they will make you grow